AIRE registration in the United States

AIRE stands for “Anagrafe degli Italiani Residenti all’Estero,” which translates to the Registry of Italians Residing Abroad. It is a registry maintained by the Italian government to keep track of Italian citizens who live outside of Italy for a period exceeding 12 months. The AIRE system is designed to ensure that Italian citizens living abroad can maintain their ties to Italy, access consular services, and exercise certain rights, such as the right to vote in Italian elections.

Italian citizens who plan to reside in a foreign country for an extended period are encouraged to register with the AIRE at the Italian consulate or embassy in their new place of residence. This registration helps the Italian government stay informed about the whereabouts and circumstances of its citizens living abroad.

The AIRE registration is essential for various purposes, including participation in Italian elections, consular assistance, and the recording of vital events like marriages, births, and deaths. Keeping the AIRE records up to date allows Italian citizens abroad to stay connected with their home country and benefit from the services provided by Italian diplomatic missions.

To register with the AIRE (Registry of Italians Residing Abroad) in the United States, follow these general steps:

  1. Schedule an Appointment: Contact the Italian consulate in the United States that covers your jurisdiction to schedule an appointment. Consulates typically require appointments to manage the flow of requests.
  2. Gather Necessary Documentation: Collect documents confirming your residence in the United States, such as lease agreements, utility bills, or local registration records. You may also need your Italian ID card or passport.
  3. Complete the AIRE Form: Fill out the AIRE registration form provided by the consulate or downloadable from their website. The form will require detailed information about your situation, including details about your move to the United States.
  4. Attend the Appointment: Bring all required documents and the completed form to your scheduled appointment at the Italian consulate. Consulate staff will guide you through the registration process.
  5. Update Information for Changes: If there are changes to your personal information (such as a change of address or marital status), make sure to notify the Italian consulate to keep your AIRE registration up to date.

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